Molecular Mixology

Using the science behind molecular gastronomy, our professors will turn ordinary everyday cocktails into amazing eye-catching edible creations like you’ve never seen before!

Enjoy tasty, mouthwatering and intriguing cocktails made right in front of you!

Our specialist molecular mixology team here at Hire The Barman will turn any event space into a ‘Molecular Laboratory’ – complete with mad scientists, interactive cocktail making for guests and a laboratory theming including props ranging from bubbling test tubes to smoking petri dishes.

We will supply you with the professors, all the ingredients and equipment required and also laboratory props to theme the area within your event.

For extra theatre and activity, you can add another of our professors with a special ‘fly-bar’ to walk around your venue serving our fantastic creations.

How it works

  • Moleculab

  • Choose your 'Wow-Factor'

  • We arrive with bar, glassware
    and all the ingredients

  • Be wowed by
    our molecular mixology!

What to learn how to make it yourself?

Try one of our Masterclasses!

Molecular Mixology

you will learn to make the following cocktails



Infusing dark spiced rum, lime juice, apple juice and apple pie syrup this cocktail can be served hot or cold. It is served with a smoking garnish that releases the spices and brings the cocktail to life.



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This delightful deconstructed cocktail is a perfect aperitif_ Using the spherification process we make instant strawberry fruit caviar which sits on a bed of rum and lime foam, and is garnished with an lime slice

Why choose hire the barman

Established in Autumn 2009, Hire The Barman has since staffed and made cocktails at over 1600 events from intimate house parties to corporate events as well as larger scale productions such as pop-up events, festival bars & brand activations.


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What is molecular mixology?

Molecular mixology refers to a modern style of creating cocktails, which takes advantage of innovations from the scientific discipline. it uses the techniques within molecular gastronomy and applies them to drink.

I have heard that molecular mixology is all about chemicals and synthetic flavours. Is hat true? Are molecular cocktails safe?

Yes, molecular cocktails are completely safe. as for the ‘chemicals’ you heard about, the truth is the ingredients used they have been a part of our food and culinary tradition for centuries now, as every time you cook something, you use chemistry. molecular mixology is just taking the chemistry of cocktails a step further – mostly to play with textures, looks and taste. there was a recent case of a girl suffering injury from ingestion of liquid nitrogen – this is a product only used by trained members of our team and very rarely.

How long do molecular cocktails take to create?

The time it takes to create molecular cocktails varies depending on the techniques involved. for example, jellies and spherification need a a few hours to prepare whereas foams and airs can be made almost instantly.

Are the techniques involved dangerous?

Certain molecular techniques can be very dangerous. The use of dry ice and liquid nitrogen can cause severe burns if not used properly. Hire the barman take every possible care when using dangerous ingredients to ensure the utmost safety of both the guests and staff at all times.

Are there any allergens / traces of allergens in the products you use?

Unfortunately, hire the barman cannot guarantee that any of our ingredients, nor creations, are allergen-free.

Are the products vegetarian / vegan?

To the very best of our knowledge (and we like to say we know our stuff), all of our products are vegetarian/vegan.

Do molecular cocktails contain alcohol / need to be used with alcohol?

None of our molecular ingredients contains alcohol, but, as suggested by its name, deconstructed cocktails are meant to replicate all sorts of alcoholic drinks. however, if you can not/will not consume alcohol, we are able to design and create a bespoke non-alcoholic menu for you.

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